4th December 2009

How to: draw Christmas Cards

A few weeks ago, the nice people at YCN asked me to come up with 4 designs for their Christmas Card collection. So I grabbed my jam jars of inky black pens and created a little festive collection of images.

Each of my 4 cards features a different festive motif, delicately hand penned in my signature black and white style. They are on sale now from the YCN Christmas Shop.

Christmas Square

Christmas Sphere

Christmas Tree

Christmas Star

It’s a little known fact that Santa has a London base at 72 Rivington Street, which also just happens to be where those nice people at YCN have their offices and Christmas Shop!

The pop-up shop, charmingly entitle “My Two Front Teeth” is veritable grotto of handmade and designer gifts, including YCN’s Christmas Card Collection. The agency asked a gaggle of us arty-types to take 4 blank cards and work our magic on them. The result? A super cool collection of hand drawn cards, each one unique and a work of art in its own right!

Christmas Card Collection

Visit the Christmas Shop at YCN for a plethora of arty gifts including my own black and white ceramics, Studio Yra’s super beautiful typography candle holders and Odd Stockings by the ever lovely Donna Wilson.

And to wrap things up(!) take your pick from super limited edition sheets of silkscreen printed wrapping papers by Yann Le Bac, Anna Lincoln, Toby Pennington and yours truly.

I do love Christmas!


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