25th November 2009

How to: get commissioned by Creative Review – UPDATE

The next 10 steps of my Commission Mission saga!

1. Think up a cunning plot which will capture the imaginations of the Creative Review team and drum up a little support for my cause on the Blogs.


2. Unleash some ‘Charming Persistence’ – utilise every known means of communication (telephone, email, Twitter, singing telegram, Morse Code etc) to pester CR team about said Commission… for months.


3. Receive phone call from Paul Pensom, King of Commissions at Creative Review. Resist urge to jump around like a Meerkat on Red Bull when he says those 5 magical words “We’d like to commission you”. Hurrah!


4. Initial emails and images from CR, I’ll be illustrating a cut-out-and-keep style Christmas Tree for the December issue. Ho Ho Ho.


5. Grab fineliners, layout paper and stick “Ultimate Christmas Party Album” on iTunes. 

Begin drawing an intricately inked Victoriana style tree, complete with baubles, strings of pearls, festive florals and miniature bells.


6. Add a cheeky, yet elusive Robin, a nod to all the Twittering which helped land this most awesome of commissions!


7. Scan, flip and sharpen in Photoshop. Remove smudges from over zealous inking and traces of early mince pie nibbling…


8. Send completed artwork to The King.

The King gives his approval, the Tree goes to print and now, I wait…


9. The finished piece is printed on the Subscriber envelopes – a quirky twist on Christmas Wrapping for the December issue!

*Non Subscribers, never fear… I’m in cahoots with CR about a plan to bring the festive spirit to one and all (all to be revealed in the next few days!)


10. Postmen and women of the UK do a marvellous job, delivering all the commissioned envelopes.

The CR readership begin to craft their desktop Christmas Trees.

To celebrate my joy at securing this commission, I have set up a Festive Forest Gallery, tweet or email me a picture of your Tree!

Mission Complete!

I have been commissioned by Creative Review.

Ho, Ho, Ho!


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