24th April 2019

How to Draw Inky Wonderlands


I’m mid way through my social sabbatical and whilst I miss you all, it has been good to unplug for a while!
Having said that, I have some news to share… a new book!


How to Draw Inky Wonderlands – Create and Colour Your Own Magical Adventure

Out October 2019.

You can pre-order your copy here


That’s right!

In this new book I’ll be show you how to create your own inky worlds.

Inside you’ll find:

* step-by-step exercises
* inspiring prompts
* advice on materials
* my top tips and tricks
* and still plenty of pages to colour!


Why a Drawing Book?

I love making my colouring books but I wanted to give you something different and exciting that could inspire you in new ways, as well as giving you lots of pages to bring to life in colour!

Drawing isn’t a talent you have to be born with.
At least not the type of drawing I do.

You can learn to draw.
Pretty easily in fact.
You can learn to draw flowers the way I do.
Pirate Ships.

In fact, you can learn to draw everything I put in a colouring booking.

And what’s more, anyone can learn.
Yes anyone.
Even you.
(stop being so skeptical!)

I truly believe anyone can pick up a pencil and doodle a daisy.
It’s just a matter of confidence and knowing a few clever tricks.
And I’m the girl that’s going to share those with you!

Here are some typical reactions to the new book
(and my responses!)

1. ARE YOU CRAZY? Why are you giving away all your secrets? 
Because sharing is caring! And I LOVE to see other people being inspired and creative, so why not share the tricks and tips that helped me draw the books? The more people drawing, colouring and being creative the better!

2. I don’t like drawing. I only colour.
Remember the time beforeyou were a Colourist?
Something made you pick up a pen or pencil and discover how wonderfully creative and happy you could be.
Maybe(just maybe) you could draw too?
Maybe this is the thing that will help you pick up a pencil and try it.
Maybeyou’ll love it just as much as colouring?!?

3. I’m terrible at drawing. It’s not for me.
I’ll share a secret. I’m also terrible at drawing.
Well, some types of drawing.
I struggle drawing people and my perspective is terrible.

However, I’m pretty good at the style of drawing you see in my colouring books.

There are many types of drawing.
The trick is to find the one that’s right for you.
And the good news is, the type of drawing I do is all method based.
Learn the basic flower formula and BOOM!
You can draw LOTS of flowers.
It’s just practise…

I’ll explain EVERYTHING in the new book!


So there you have it. 
A new book, out in October 2019.

You can pre-order it here. 

I’ll be back on social media in the June and I’ll share lots more about it then and OF COURSE I’ll do a full flip through so you can see all the pages!

Why 2 covers?
One for the US (blue) and one for the UK (pink).

Looking forward to sharing more with you all very soon, till then,

Happy Colouring! Johanna x

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