6th January 2012

Laurence King Book Deal!


I’m SUPER excited to finally reveal that I’ve signed a book deal with legendary art and design publishers, Laurence King!

I’m creating a black and white picture book; an inky treasury of monochrome wonderlands to be explored and embellished. We want to keep the exact details a secret for now, but rest assured I’ll be working my socks off over the coming months to ensure each of the 100 pages charms, delights and intrigues!

I’ll be lovingly hand drawing all of the illustrations in my signature style of intricate pen and ink, and as you’d expect there will be plenty of little treasures and articles of curios hidden throughout.

Creating a book is one of my ultimate dream projects; I cannot put into words how delighted I am to be working on this! Not to mention the honour of having publishing super stars Laurence King in my corner. An amazing way to start 2012.

The book will be released early next year, in the meantime, I’ve got some drawing to do!

And finally… I’ve got more exciting news I should be able to share with you next week! 2012 is off to a bumper start!



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