12th August 2016

Make a Magical Jungle Butterfly Mobile


A little photo tutorial to help you make the Magical Jungle Butterfly Mobile featured in my Colour Club Kit. Download it for free here.

You will need:

  • Magical Jungle Butterfly Colouring Sheet (you can find it in the Colour Club Kit)
  • Coloured Paper
  • Colouring Pens or Pencils
  • An 9 inch diameter Embroidery Hoop (buy this from a craft store, just use the inner hoop)
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Scissors
  • A sharp, but large eyed needle
  • Glue Stick or Spray Mount Adhesive


What to do:

1. Print out the Magical Butterfly Colouring Sheet A4 size onto nice thick paper.


2. Apply glue to the reverse of the Butterfly Sheet, then stick it to a bright sheet of coloured paper, so you have butterflies on the front and coloured paper on the back. If you are using Spray Mount, go outside and use in a sheltered spot to avoid breathing in the nasty fumes and making your desk sticky!


3. Now COLOUR! Get to work with those pens and pencils and colour the front of your tropical butterflies.


4. When all 10 are coloured, get your scissors and carefully cut around each butterfly
5. Cut 2 lengths of embroidery thread about 14 inches long.

6. Tie the ends of one to the hoop so it spans the diameter, then tie the other so it crosses the first. (Your hoop should look like a pie cut into quarters!)

7. Tie one long length of thread to the centre of the cross from whist your mobile will hang.
8. Using the needle, thread a length of embroidery thread through the little black dot on the head of each butterfly and secure with a small knot. Push the needle through from the side of the butterfly that you coloured so any untidy bits are hidden at the back.
9. Now tie each length of yarn to the hoop at varying lengths, so your butterflies hang in different positions. Trim any stray lengths of thread.

10. Ta Da! Your Magical Jungle Mobile is now complete!


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