30th August 2023

Sky Arts : Access All Arts Week 2023

A celebration of the arts with a TONNE of FREE classes and resources… and me!
Although technically this is aimed at Primary school aged kids, I reckon big kids and adults will love this too! Everyone is encouraged to take part in the activities and share their creations online in a week long creative adventure 19-23 June, but you can sign up NOW and get your hands on all those great resources early!
Teachers, Educators, Youth Group Leaders, Parents (and anyone else who’s a bit curious and creative!) get access to all the amazing FREE resources. There’s curriculum lead lessons, tutorials, workshops, downloads, presentations and videos.
I’ve signed up (I’m a home educator, right?!) and I’ll be doing some of the workshops with Evie and Mia at home – we’re excited for the animation and sculpture ones!
Pro tip – LOADS of great things here if you are looking for things to do over the summer holidays!
You’ll find me in the 2D Mark Making section, along with a sneaky little download from Rooms of Wonder
Have fun! Much love,
Johanna x

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