3rd May 2023

Johanna Basford x LEGO


We love a little LEGO in our house, so when I spotted their Botanical sets, I knew it was time to get a little ink on those bricks (so to speak!)

Instead of making stemmed flowers to display in a vase, I laid my blooms on a plate and created a pretty sphere of flowers and foliage. It was fun to play with 3D flowers and create something in my signature style, but using a very different process.

Once the build was complete, I grabbed pens and paper and created an inky drawing inspired by the LEGO, perfect for colouring.

Fancy giving it a go? Grab your FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.

Have fun!

Much love, Johanna x

PS If you like this, I think you’ll love my new colouring book, Small Victories – a pocket-sized collection of little motifs and smaller compositions to colour in a single sitting (for all those feel good, completion vibes!).It’s out later this year but you can pre-order your copy now!


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