24th April 2009

Twitter Picture

I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon a few months back, expecting my life to change overnight and to suddenly become as clever as Stephen Fry. Needless to say it didn’t quite happen like that. Also, is one a Tweeter or  Twitterer? Tweeter sounds sweeter, so I’ll go with that.

Having half-heartedly Tweeted for the past few weeks, I’m dangerously close to becoming one of those Tweeters who simply lists mundane facts throughout their day and deluding myself into thinking that anybody out there actually cares.

So I’ve come up with a little plan I’m calling Twitter Picture. Here’s how it works.

  1. Come find me on Twitter.
  2. I take a big blank sheet of paper and my favourite 0.5 Fineliner pen.
  3. Through the magical medium of Twitter, you suggest things which will feature in the Twitter Picture (Pirate Ships, Rabbits, Tractors – the more bizarre the better!)
  4. I spend the next few weeks, drawing the Tweet of the Day until the whole paper is filled and we have our finished Twitter Picture.
  5. I post daily TwitPics of the work-in-progress so you can see the design take shape.
  6. I create a limited edition screen print run of our finished Twitter Picture which you will be able to buy through my website (there will be a special discount for all you imaginative Tweeters!)

So, if you’ve got some favourite imagery you want to see inked up into one of my hand drawn prints, get Tweeting. The final prints will be signed, limited editions of the very first Democratically created Twitter artwork.



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