18th May 2009

Big Picture – finally finished!

After days of doodling, my big picture is finally complete, and just in time for someone’s Birthday.

Inspired by the goings-on at BrewDog, this big old hand drawn piece of art took 8 days to draw and consumed more than 6 of my beloved fineliner pens (at 42cm x 60cm it needed a lot of ink!). Interlaced within the inky motifs are hop flowers, barley, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, coffee beans, gurana plants, jasmine flowers, tea leaves, kola nuts, Californian poppies, honey bees and honey comb – all the natural and botanical ingredients which inspire the BrewDog brewers.

brewdog big picture

Peer closer and you’ll find more hidden references to the rebellious world of BrewDog, from pirate flags, to The Ocean Quest, Space Invaders and a random lone shoe… intrigued?!

Every piece of the picture has story; it’s a kind of visual treasure map of the BrewDog story to date.

So, I’m glad to see I have moved on somewhat from presenting my loved ones with pictures made from raw pasta and glitter on their Birthday, to something slightly more sophisticated. Art School wasn’t wasted on me after all.


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