14th October 2009

#twitterpicture Day 1

Today at 9am I launched my 48 hour #twitterpicture project. Over the 2 day period I’m inviting tweeters to get involved with a little online networking creativity by suggesting content for a my next limited edition print.

Catch up on how the story began here.

The weird and wonderful suggestions have been twittering their way to me at www.twitter.com/johannabasford all day in their hundreds!


Every suggestion is being logged and diligently drawn in the finest pen and ink, to make a beautifully eclectic snap shot of Twitter imaginations. Some highlights from today’s tweetings are:

A manatee in a top hat and a waistcoat (suggested by spleenqueen)

A teapot that looks like a brick (suggested by squidgemedia)

An electric Mexican fighting fish (suggested by alphabete85)


It’s not too late to get involved, come follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/johannabasford and send me your suggestion.  I’m posting regular snap shots of the design as it progresses on Twitter and am slowly but surely making my way through each and every one of the tweets.

The picture already looks as though it might out grow the original sheet of paper – this is one project which just keeps getting bigger. Be part of something truly creative and drop me a line with what you would like to see drawn.

Tomorrow is the final suggestion day, so get your thinking cap on!

I’ll be posting details on how to get your hands on one of the limited edition silk screen prints of the final artwork in the coming days; this will be your chance to own the artwork you have creatively directed!

It’s going to be a long night, I have a few hundred tweets to illustrate!

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