29th October 2009

#TwitterPicture Printing

Yesterday I pulled on my ink splattered printing plimsolls and popped along to the lovely DCA Print Studio to do a little #TwitterPicture printing.

Each of the 100 Limited Edition prints were individually silk screen printed in rich black ink onto the crispest of white cartridge paper – capturing all the hand penned detail of the original drawing. I’ve fallen in love with printing again – there’s something quite magical about lifting up an inky screen and seeing your print there!

twitterpicture print



This most unusual creative process has been somewhat of a magical journey; beginning in the technical world of online digital media and mirco blogging, materialising into a tangible, hand crafted artwork.  What began as tiny pieces of HTML code, floating around in cyber space, has been visualised and captured with pencil, ink and squeegee; a true representation of high tech meets old school and the wonderfully charming results it can create. See all 238 Twitter suggestions here.



Now the manual work is out of the way, I’ll be numbering and signing each of the prints, before getting them ready to be Special Delivered to their owners. Almost all of the edition has now been bought, but I do still have a small number available, email me for more details on how to snap up the few remaining.

238 Tweets

48 Hours

14 Fineliners

3 Dinosaurs and now…

100 Limited Edition Silk Screen Prints

This has been #TwitterPicture.



The End… maybe.


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