14th April 2013

Wonderbeasts Finished!


After much panic, sketching, panic, inking and a little more panic,

I’m finally finished Wonderbeasts!


Take a Sneak Peek here

(Be patient, it’s big!)


My first Kickstater project saw me team up with a merry band of co-creators

And together we made Wonderbeasts!

My inky comrades provided the artistic direction by suggesting creatures for the canvas

And I dually obliged.


The finished piece spans just over 2 meters – my biggest ever drawing!

Had it not been for the good folks at Cult Pens supplying me with a stack of Stedatler pigment liners, I’d have run dry within 2 days.


Wonderbeasts will form part of my solo show at the DCA, (opening on the 4th of May)  This will be the only place you can see the final piece in all it’s full scale inky glory!


We’re busy preparing the web version, which will have each co-creator tagged to their suggestion – this will go live in early May when the exhibition opens.

In the meantime, you can click here for a squeaky peek at a large version.


A special thank you to all my Kickstarter backers who pledged, suggested and took part in this co-creation sensation with me,

Without you, this wouldn’t have happened.


In the next few weeks I’ll start printing all the limited edition reward prints and writing those thank you letters… keep an eye on your inbox for updates!




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