8th May 2013



My exhibition finally opened on Friday at DCA and it was super cool to meet so many of my Wonderbeasts co-creators there

(Especially Ellen and Clara – who had drawn an awesome crocodile!)

Even cooler, have been the dozens of pictures posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of my backers and their suggestions

It’s fun seeing everyone lay claim to their wee part of our creation.

(So far so good, I don’t seem to have missed anyone out!)


Above is Frances and her brown bear,

Below the Vanilla Ink wolf.


Vanilla Ink and their Wolfy Wonderbeast


The tagged artwork has also now gone live, hurrah!

A big thank you to the amazing Digital Team at Hamptons – in particular Jack.

I don’t know how they do these things.

I sent them a picture with hundred of names scribbled on it… then they make this!

2 words: Totes Amaze.


ALSO, we’ve added a download button, so you can have the inky artwork to keep forever.

Print it out, set it as your wallpaper, post it on your Facebook page – anything you like.

It’s there and yours to grab.


I’m now back in the studio and busy making all the rewards to package up and send off to my co-creators.

I’ve got prints to make, temporary tattoos to order, a book to publish and 152 letters of thanks to hand write… what was I thinking?!


Busy times!




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