3rd June 2013

Wonderlands Book Launch


I love a picture book.

There’s something intrinsically charming about turning page after page of artwork,

Without feeling guilty for skipping the text

(We all do it).


So when the opportunity to co-publish a book with DCA popped up,

I knew we’d have the chance to make something rather special.


The book (entitled Wonderlands, like the exhibition)

Features some of my favourite portfolio work, old and new

And a showcase of the solo show.


Wonderlands will be launched at DCA on Saturday 15th June.

I’ll be doing a talk at the gallery from 12 noon till 1pm; an inky show and tell.

Tickets are £3 from DCA with the price redeemable against your purchase of the book.

Click here for more details.


There will also be a Craft and Design Market,

Your chance to meet some makers and treat yourself to their beautiful wares.


The book will be available via my website, the DCA shop and through selected art bookish retailers.

More details on pre-ordering and a Wonderful (see what I did there?) competition soon!


Back to the book…


I was keen to avoid essays, long winded titles and those slightly self indulgent introductions,

So we skimmed out all the words

(bar my post-it note sized message at the end)

And concentrated on the good stuff, the pictures.


Fellow DJCAD grad Richy Lamb of Owned and Operated did the fancy design stuff,

Arranging my drawings into an elegant volume of pages.


When it came to the cover, I wanted it to be special.

Tactile, precious and inky.

I was hell bent on hand printing each of the 600 dust jackets, so that’s what I did.


Half way through I was cursing my own stubbornness.

Doing things the long, hard stupid way may be tortuous at times,

But I felt the hand crafted covers add a character and preciousness to each book which I just adore.

I hope you do too.




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