20th November 2019

World Record Attempt : Part 1


This week I attempted to break the World Record for the Largest Drawing by an individual. In 12 hours.

I know. What was I thinking?!

Here’s a peek at what happened!

Remember to check out Video 2 and 3 to see whether or not I managed to break the existing World Record (410 square meters!)


So why do this?!

I’m on a mission to inspire people to put down their phones, pick up a pen or pencil and DRAW!

When I asked people what stopped them from drawing, they told me the blank sheet of paper scared them.

I get it.

Literally. I get THE SAME FEAR!

I think all creative people do!

BUT, the second you pick up that pencil and begin drawing, you start to kill the fear! I wanted to doodle on the world’s BIGGEST sheet of blank paper to inspire others to draw a picture too. It doesn’t have to be massive! It could be a post-it! The important thing is to pick up that pencil and begin. You’ve got this!

There are ZERO fancy art techniques used in this drawing, it’s just an elaborate doodle! A doodle that YOU can recreate! All the flowers, insects and leaves in the world record attempt feature in my book, How to Draw Inky Wonderlands. If you want to learn the secret to doodling a daisy (and see all my tricks and tips that make drawing EASY!) then check out the book!




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