13th November 2019

World Record Breaking!


I’m SUPER excited (and nervous!) to announce that on Monday 18th November I’m going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest drawing by an individual!

This is a HUGE project inspired by YOU GUYS! I’ve been encouraging you all to be courageous and confident with your creativity, so I felt I should take a piece of my own advice and do something big and bold too!

I’ll be attempting to create a drawing that is 420 square meters (4520 square feet!) with JUST pencil and pens! That’s bigger than FOUR badminton courts!!

I’m returning to my old school, Ellon Academy in Aberdeenshire, and taking over their gym hall for 12 hours. I’ll be drawing from 9am till 9pm in an inky marathon that will hopefully end in a new World Record (and likely a very sore hand!).

The floral artwork will feature blooms and insects from my new book, How to Draw Inky Wonderlands. This may be a World Record, but you can recreate the entire picture at home (on a slightly smaller scale!) with just a pencil, pen and some paper!


Fear of the Blank Page!


Lots of you tell me that one thing that stops you from drawing, is fear of the blank sheet of paper.

And to be honest, it scares me too sometimes!

But here’s the thing, if I can fill THIS giant canvas, you can doodle on a post-it!

Show your support for my Inky World Record Attempt by grabbing a post-it, doodling a little something – maybe a flower, a bee, a house, a stickman!! –  and share it with #inkyworldrecord

Not only will you be sending me some inky love (thank you!) but you’ll be beginning YOUR creative journey! That post-it will be the first of many.

Keep Going! Keep Drawing!

Drawing isn’t a mystical activity limited to just a few specially talented people with fancy art supplies. I’m drawing on  this enormous blank sheet of paper to show you all that YOU can draw too. Yes, doing new things and pushing yourself out with your comfort zone can be scary, but when you have a few tricks and tips up your sleeve, you can tackle ANY canvas!

I’ll be sharing LOTS of updates throughout the 12 hours on my Instagram and Facebook, so follow me for a sneak peek at the event as it unfolds and see whether or not I manage to break the World Record!!

Wish me luck!!



If you like this, you’ll love How to Draw Inky Wonderlands – my new book that shows you step by step how to create pretty inky illustrations! Full of easy to follow tutorials, creative ideas and prompts and of course… plenty of pages to colour!


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