24th August 2021

Worlds of Wonder Colouring Competition


Get your pencils ready, we’re having a competition! Grab your copy of Worlds of Wonder and colour this little fairy house page.

Not got your copy yet? Here’s a download so you can still join in the fun.

Everyone, everywhere can enter. Just colour your picture and upload it to the Worlds of Wonder Colouring Competition album in the Colouring Gallery on my website.

It’s easy peasy.

Fancy some prizes? Of course you do!

Each of the 5 randomly selected winners will get:


Closing Date is Wednesday 1st September at 9am UK time.

Why do I randomly select my winners? So the competition is inclusive – everyone who is brave enough to pick up a pencil (or a crayon!) and make their mark has a chance of winning. So whether you are a pro colourist, a newbie, a child of 6 or a Granny of 96, get colouring because you are ALL welcome here and you all have the exact same chance of winning.

Also, I’m a wimp and know that trying to pick winners is painful!

Good luck everyone, I’m cheering you on!!

Much love, Johanna x

PS: Thank you to @yongyong.outono on Instagram for this lovely colouring!

PPS: Need a little help printing out downloads? Read this.


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