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#Fringecover wins Scottish Design Award!, 20th May 2011

Our *double* award winning collaborative more.

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#smartpic : time lapse & prints!, 17th May 2011

A cool little time lapse and the #smartpic print give-away more.

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SmartPic, 9th May 2011


The Twitterpicture adventure more.

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Smart Week!, 2nd May 2011

Smart Week!

The next evolution of #twitterpicture goes live this more.

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Smart Art : TwitterPicture, 19th Apr 2011

Smart Art : TwitterPicture

The next evolution of my interactive more.

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#fringecover wins Dadi Award!, 15th Nov 2010

Analogue Art wins Digital more.

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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe!, 11th Jun 2010

#FringeCover - the making more.

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#fringecover, 30th Mar 2010


Last week saw the reemergence of TwitterPcicture, but not as we know it! more.

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#fringecover, 22nd Mar 2010


It’s TwitterPicture, but not as we know it! more.

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TwitterPicture2, 16th Mar 2010

View from the other more.

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TwitterTotes, 16th Mar 2010


TwitterPicture Textiles and more.

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TwitterPicture Wallpapers, 28th Jan 2010

TwitterPicture Wallpapers

Download your TwitterPicture! more.

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100 Prints in the Post!, 27th Jan 2010

100 Prints in the Post!

In Royal Mail we trust… more.

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TwitterPicture 2 – Tag your Tweet!, 21st Jan 2010

TwitterPicture 2 – Tag your Tweet!

Lay claim to your part of the more.

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#TwitterPicture 2 goes live!, 13th Jan 2010

#TwitterPicture 2 goes live!

It’s the night before #TwitterPicture and I’m going to be too excited to sleep! more.

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#TwitterPicture 2, 8th Jan 2010

#TwitterPicture 2

#TwitterPicture 2 is on its way! more.

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#TwitterPicture Desktops, 11th Nov 2009

#TwitterPicture Desktops

Coming to a screen near more.

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#TwitterPicture – The Vital Statistics., 20th Oct 2009

#TwitterPicture – The Vital Statistics.

What can a 48 hour illustrated snap shot of Twitter imaginations reveal about our society? Here’s the facts, feel free to analyse… more.

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#Twitterpicture Day 2, 16th Oct 2009

#Twitterpicture Day 2

Another long day of Twitter inspired more.

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#twitterpicture Day 1, 14th Oct 2009

#twitterpicture Day 1

Twitter gets more.

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#TwitterPicture goes Live!, 12th Oct 2009

#TwitterPicture goes Live!

Online Social Creativity?! more.

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Twitter Picture, 24th Apr 2009

Twitter Picture

Get involved with my Twitter Picture Project! more.

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Analogue Artwork for a Digital World

TwitterPicture is a series of interactive illustrations I created using crowd-sourcing via the micro blogging platform Twitter. I invited people to tweet suggestions of what they would like me to draw and I incorporated these into super sized, hand drawn illustrations. I run these events over 24 hour periods and stream the drawing process live via a webcam.

Because Twitter is more than just telling the world what you had for lunch...