10th February 2021

Colouring for Mental Wellness at Work

As the pandemic rolls on, the mental health effects of Covid are lurking in the shadow of the virus itself, but are just as critical. We’ve endured a year of anxiety, stress and isolation – so it is essential we care for our mental health as carefully as our physical.

That’s where colouring can help. With mental health resources already stretched, colouring is a simple practise that can be added to your Self Care toolkit. A colouring book and a pack of pencils are all you need to get going. And best of all, everyone can colour, (we all did it as kids, remember?!).

I’ve been contacted by CEO’s who have gifted their entire teams colouring books, HR departments that have printed free downloads for their people and schools using colouring to support pupils, staff and parents. Perhaps the most poignant, are the emails I received from frontline healthcare workers, telling me they had taken to colouring at the end of a long and traumatic shift on the intensive care wards.

If you care for a team of people and are looking for ways to support their mental health at this blooming awful time, here are a few things that might help:


1. Book Bulk Buys

A colouring book and a set of pencils are a wonderful addition to any care package.

The following contacts can offer discounts on large orders.

Add some Staedtler Ergosoft pencils to get everyone started!


Contact Dorina at Penguin


Barnes & Noble (50 copies or more)

Books a Million (25 copies or more)

Bulk Books (25 copies or more)


2. Zoom Drawing & Colouring Workshops

Order 100 books or more and I’ll do a free 30 minutes zoom creativity class for your people! Contact the studio with your proof of purchase to arrange this.


3.Free Downloads

Share this link with your team so they can print my free mini book, Flourish at home or do the printing for them!


4. Colouring Cards

I partnered with Wisque to make a series of colouring cards that can be sent direct to the recipient. Along with your message, they get 2 beautiful images to colour.  A perfect way to reconnect with your team that DOESN’T involve Zoom!


Keep smiling everyone, we’ve got this.

Remember: We can do hard things!

Much love, Johanna x


P.S In a year when we’ve all gone nowhere, it’s finally time to go on an adventure!

My new book, Worlds of Wonder is out March 2021.



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