1st June 2010

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar – June

Yet again the start of a new month has crept up on my like a silent ninja! At 12:30am this morning, bleary eyed and signing off on Twitter, I

suddenly realized the date and the distinct lack of Desktop Calendar on my desktop… But never fear, I’ve been a little cut and paste whiz kid this morning and have cheekily put together a most non-democratically created calendar for your download delight.

So admittedly, no online vote, to call to action and certainly no high fives to be for being so unorganized, but I do have a rather nifty little image for you this month.

Girls and boys, I give to you, 10 Inky Space Invaders; retro cool with a dash of intergalactic fantastic!

10 inky space invaders

All the usual desktops as well as iPad and iPhone available below.

Get click happy and geek out with some arcade art on your desktop!

1920 x 1200

1680 x 1050

1440 x 900

1280 x 800



Normal service will be resumed in time for July, I promise!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mum! (she’s my biggest fan J )

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