3rd February 2017




This beautiful butterfly was coloured by Sseungei – I love those little white highlights!


I think this is a great opportunity to mention why I share some of these wonderful images. I read all your comments on social media and I know some of you question why I share certain images, so let me explain…


I post images that catch my eye and inspire me. It may be that the Colourist has developed a really cool technique, used an eye popping colour combination or has just created something that I feel champions the very best of our art form.


For me, seeing an image that is beyond my (current!) skill level gives me the push I need to develop my practise and challenges me to try recreate what I’ve seen. I share these pictures in the hope that they will do the same for you!


For what it’s worth, I too feel a bit intimidated by these wonder pictures, but I think that’s a good thing! It’s inspiring!


It’s a bit like when I hear a great tune on the radio. Despite being tone deaf, I’ll still sing along. I’m sure Adele would love to hear my rendition of ‘Hello’…! I guess my point is, surrounding yourself with great stuff shouldn’t diminish your enjoyment, it should amplify it.


BUT remember: Comparison is the thief of joy! These images aren’t a guide to what should be achieved but what can be done – so don’t allow yourself to feel disheartened. See the possibility of where your colouring adventures could take you.


When it comes to championing Colourists of ALL levels of skill, whether they be newbies, kids, pros or just those of you who like to dabble on boring conference calls (I know you exist!), I make sure to do in this in my Colouring Competitions. I made a decision to select recent winners based on say an unusual colour combination, a fun technique or just someone who has captured pure JOY in their colours!


Often the colourists who create these great works share their tips and techniques on their blogs, YouTube channels or social media profiles so you can learn from the experts. For example, 2 of my favourite Brazillian Colourists Alexandre and Rosana post these amazing ‘Colouring by 2’ videos of their collaboration colourings. This Magical Jungle Toucan series is brimming with tips and tricks that you can learn from.


The Colouring Community is a uniquely collaborative one, we encourage and inspire each other which I think is a truly wonderful thing. So don’t be disheartened when you see a jaw-dropping picture, be excited! I know I am!


For the ultimate inspiration fix, take a peek at my Colouring Gallery where work by Colourists of all skill levels can be found, from complete beginners sharing their debut creation to Colouring Pro’s posting pics of their current work in progress.


Happy Colouring! Jx

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