23rd October 2018

10 Core Principles of Colouring

Whether World of Flowers is your first colouring book or perhaps your 101st,

(I know you people are out there!)

I thought I would share my 10 Core Principles of Colouring.

These are the tips and tricks that help me get the best out of my Colouring Books,

I hope they help you do the same.


1. Pencils over Pens

If you are starting out, try pencils over pens. They are more versatile and will allow you to do things like blend colours together or vary the depth of shade.

Vary your pressure

Press hard for a dark shade or very lightly for paler colours.

2. Blending

To blend 2 colours together apply a light layer of the first colour, then add a light layer of the second colour over the top. There are lots of more complicated ways to blend, but this is the easiest.

3. Gently does it!

Don’t press too hard. It’s better to gently lay down multiple layers of pencil than try to press hard and get it done fast. Light pressure will also prevent you piercing the paper!

4. Remember the Blank Paper

Pop a few sheets of blank paper under the page you are working on. This will prevent any indentation onto the pages below and also catch any transfer of ink.

5. Symmetry Rules

If you are colouring a pattern or something symmetrical (like a butterfly) try cluster colouring all the matching sections one after the other. For example, if you are colouring a butterfly in red, pink and purple, colour all the red bits first, then the move on to the pinks and so forth.

6. Sharpen those pencils

Keep your colouring pencils sharp for small details.

7. Side of the Pencil

If colouring a large area, use the side of the pencil lead as this will create a large, even area of colour and avoid scratchy, thin pencil strokes.

8. If you make a mistake

Don’t grab any old eraser! I’m yet to find a ‘coloured pencil eraser’ that doesn’t smudge or tear up the paper. Take a peek at my 4 Quick Fixes for Colouring Mistakes (or just embrace the freestyle!).

9. Finishing details

Use a white gel pen or a black fineliner to add small things like polka dots, cross hatching or little highlights.


10. Above all, have fun!

Don’t worry if you go over the lines, your colour palettes are a bit all over the shop or if you can only find your kid’s crayons – the important thing is that you have fun and make your mark. The rest will fall into place. I promise!


Happy Colouring, Johanna x


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