15th March 2018

Show your Colours!

I am a Colourist.

I am a paper geek, a pencil sharpening pro, an ink aficionado.

I bring black and white worlds to life with colour and love.

I am a Colourist I am part of a worldwide, creative community

We collaborate. We share. We inspire.

Every day, millions of us around the globe put down devices and pick up pens and pencils.

We swap screens for paper and swipes for strokes.

We call it, the Digital Detox.

I am a Colourist.

I rejoice in smudgy fingerprints, inky details and the perfect point.

You can keep your tap to fill apps and pre-loaded colour palettes,

I am a Colourist and I create analogue art for the digital world.

I am a Colourist and this is my masterpiece.

Life is better in colour. So grab your pens and pencils and show your colours!

Show your colours!

I am a Colourist, are you?


Huge thanks to all the Colourists whose work appears in this video – your talent inspires me every day to draw more pictures! Thank you also to Claire H, Dayna, Diana, Michelle, Claire E, Whitney, Eliane, Michelle, Rebecca, Anja, Karina, Valencia, Emily, Alexandre, Gwenn and Kristen for collaborating with me on this! xxx



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