9th October 2018

The Collaboration Colouring Book : Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of The Collaboration Colouring Book!

Take a peek at Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up on the background to this co-creation project and also the story of Ivy and her Inky Butterfly so far!

Part 3 of the Collaboration Colouring Book was Coloured by rijakkekleurt, liesllovescolor. lisa.stlm, presitskata, julilie03, emilyillustrator, colourwithclaire, Shellbee76, anja.netzkatze, forestlovecolouring, lisa_loves_max, theartyboxer, valencia_van_zyl and colourmehappy84.

rijakkekleurt, Belgium

Favourite Colouring Tools: Holbein Pencils, Fabercastell Pencils, Irojiten Pencils

Favourite Colour: Purple, pink and orange

Say Hello on Social:IG: rijakkekleurt

Here’s a little about my pages: I enjoy colour this pages. I used Tombow Irojiten. I choose this colour palette because it are my favourite colours. For the background I use cheap soft pastels. I’m not an artist who can make big beautiful backgrounds so most of the time I use soft pastels (I don’t like to colour when I was a child! That’s changed).


liesllovescolor, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolor Premier

Favourite Colour: Cobalt Turqoise

Say Hello on Social: IG: liesllovescolor

Here’s a little about my pages: I used prismacolor Premier pencils for the majority. A few bits with Staedtler Tiplus Fineliners. I never have a plan when I start coloring. I just pick up a pencil that appeals to me and start. My basic idea was something bright and magical. I do love vibrant hues!


lisa.stlm, Germany

Favourite Colouring Tools: Faber Castll Pencils, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

Favourite Colour: Pink, Green

Say Hello on Social: IG: lisa.stlm, IG: lieblingsplatz

Here’s a little about my pages: I wanted a vintage look for the flower / leaf page, inspired by old seed packets and vintage flower books. I like to add to backgrounds so added a little house mouse! I used primacolors as I love the variety of colours.


presitskata, Hungary

Favourite Colouring Tools: Coloured Pencil

Favourite Colour: Orange, Pink, Peach

Say Hello on Social: IG: presitskata

Here’s a little about my pages: I used Derwent Coloursoft, FaberCastell Grip, Maped, Staedtler coloured pencils.
My plan was to illustrate the ‘burning leaves’, ‘smouldering brambles’.


julilie03, France

Favourite Colouring Tools: Pencils color and soft pastel

Favourite Colour: Blue

Say Hello on Social: IG: julilie03

Here’s a little about my pages: For the pages I used the prismacolor and polychromos color pencils. My colorings are always very colorful, and those of this double pages are too.
I really like these two pages, I hope you will like my coloring!


emilyillustrator, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Caran D’ache Luminance, Prismacolor Premiere

Favourite Colour: Blue

Say Hello on Social: IG: emilyillustrator, FB Emily Illustrator, YT: Emily Illustrator, WB: www.emilyillustrator.com

Here’s a little about my pages: For the cloud page, I used the caran D’ache Luminance pencils, and a bit of slicci Metallic gel pen. For the bee picture I used prismacolor premiere pencils. To add a bit of sparkle on both pages I used a clear wink of stella brush pen. Both color palettes grew as I coloured. I knew I wanted to do black and yellow for the bee, so I built the rest of the picture around it. The illustrations I added were from various other pages throughout Ivy and the Inky Butterfly.

colourwithclaire, UK

Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolor Pencils

Favourite Colour: Purple

Say Hello on Social: WB: Colourwithclaire.com, FB: ColourwithClaire, TW: ColourwClaire, YT: Colour with Claire, IG: colourwithClaire

Here’s a little about my pages: I decided to colour the bees in different hues of cool colours (blue, green, purple) and create a warm orangey honeycomb background. I used a stencil, and Arabic Gold paint to fill in the gaps. I used a mixture of Prismacolor pencils and FC polychromos for the majority of the page and the white gel pen.


Shellbee76, South Australia

 Favourite Colouring Tools: Pencils! Posca’s! Glitter!

Favourite Colour: Teal and Aqua

Say Hello on Social: IG: Shellbee76

 Here’s a little about my pages: I had already done these 2 pages in my own book. I was the lucky last and didn’t want to keep you waiting, so I did these fairly similar. Also, didn’t want to try something new and ruin it. I love these type of pages as they are like a sample of lots of things. I like the look of black with bright colours.


anja.netzkatze, Germany

Favourite Colouring Tools: Pencils (Faber Castell Polychromos), Aquarellable Media (Inktense, Neo-color 2), Pens and Fineliners…well kind of everything

Favourite Colour: Red – and any other colour, depending on my mood…

Say Hello on Social: IG: anja.netzkatze

Here’s a little about my pages: I used mainly my polychromos pencils to colour all the details, Neocolor 2 wax pastels for the background, a white Posca pen for the highlights and to cover some of the black lines (e.g. to make the animals look more ‘fluffy’) and fineliners for tiny details.
I tried to make the scene look like Ivy is stepping from a bright, sun lit lawn into the darker, more mysterious area under the tree.


forestlovecolouring, UK

Favourite Colouring Tools: Pencils – Polychromos, Prisma and Cadan ‘Dache – Luminance

Favourite Colour: Purple

Say Hello on Social: IG: Forestlovecolouring, Pintrest: Ness Butler

Here’s a little about my pages: I hadn’t really got much idea from the start other than making the jars bright – I read the page and took my inspiration from the story (love the story). I used all of my favourite pencils Poly’s, Prisma’s and Luminance – and used white and black gel pens for the sob webs and little dots of light. I always start my colouring by looking at the light and shades and add a light layer of black polychromos and the rest just comes as I go.


lisa_loves_max, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolor Premier

Favourite Colour: Blues

Say Hello on Social: IG: Lisa_loves_max

Here’s a little about my pages: I just started coloring recently. I used prismacolor and staedtler pencils. Also gel pens. I liked the gel metallic pens for the ‘shiny’ things.


theartyboxer, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Fabercastell Pencils, Prismacolour and gel pens!

Favourite Colour: Turquoise (though I used ginger root for the wall and I Love it)

Say Hello on Social: IG: theartyboxer

Here’s a little about my pages: I have only just discovered the amazing results pencils can yield. I used a few brands of pencils, a paint pen for highlights and some sparkly gel pens for small details. I tried to use a colour scheme that would look inviting, yet still mysterious and beautiful. I feel so lucky to have received these pages. They challenged me and brought my colouring to a new level. I used various shading techniques for the jewels and experimented with the gold objects. I’m excited to use them in the future!!


valencia_van_zyl, South Africa

Favourite Colouring Tools: Pencils, Watercolour pencils, Posca pen, gel pens for highlights

Favourite Colour: Plum Purple, lilac, Crimson

Say Hello on Social: FB: Valencia Van Zyl Art, IG: valencia_van_zyl

Here’s a little about my pages: I have used Hero and Colleens pencils, with watercolouring pencils, made the smoke with posca, added Ivy with the compass in her hand. Also ferns, huge flowers, trees and a spider with its web. I absolutely loved the project!


colourmehappy84, Norway

Favourite Colouring Tools: Polychromos, Soft Pastels, Prismacolours

Favourite Colour: Pinks, greens and blues

Say Hello on Social: IG: Colourmehappy84

Here’s a little about my pages: Used polychromos, prismacolours and soft pastels. The goblet I wanted to look like it was made of gold and I thought a shade of green matched well. Free drawed the background to look like a castle on the other page. I went with white, pinks and greens because I think the colours work well together and with the other page (with the green). Used blending techniques from dark to light to make the goblet look gold and also onthe gemstone in the goblet to make it shine.


Part 4 coming soon…


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